Vaso Trap Wasp & Hornet Trap Pack of 2
Reference: BBKA

Vaso Trap Wasp & Hornet Trap Pack of 2

Reference: BBKA
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Pack of two Vaso Trap Wasp & Hornet Traps with jars. BBKA approved. This jar is made in the UK. Support British business.


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Vaso Trap is a bio trap for the control of flying pests in orchards, farms, gardens etc. Vaso Trap can be secured to the jar provided and hung on a support or placed on the ground.

Hornets emerging after hibernation need energy and prefer sweet foods for a quick boost. In early spring this is comparatively rare in your garden therefore sweet baits are highly attractive for the Asian hornet queens. Some beekeepers use a mixture of beer and sugar to attract the hornet. Other effective baits include sweet mixtures of wine, sugar, cassis, and water. You can also buy proprietary brands of hornet (wasp) trap bait from many garden centres and DIY stores. At the height of the beekeeping season, when predatory worker hornets are seeking high protein foods, consider adding raw meat or fish to the bait mixture.

As supplied by the BBKA.

Pack of two.

This product fits the 2lb jar