Is it in stock?

If you can see a button to add the item to your basket, then it is in stock. On the rare occasion that we are running stock low to clear, we will make that known in the item details. We will refund you or offer an alternative if you prefer. The bin sign in your basket is there so that you can remove items. It is not an indication of stock level.


Can't decide? Would you like a sample to help you? Sample three different jars or bottles before purchasing a complete pack.

Our sample service is only £10 and is refundable against your next order of £50 or more. This is a 5-7 day service.

Please ensure all packaging components are tested with the intended product. Freeman and Harding Ltd accept no responsibility for any loss resulting from incompatibility.

What are the dimensions of the jar?

All jars and bottles have height, diameter and fluid capacity dimensions in the SPECIFICATIONS tab. Most items also have a technical drawing available for download. We give a nominal capacity in ounces to help but as all produce has a different density and it is essential that you check the item is compatible before you use it. Please note that ounces is a weight measure rather than fluid ounces which is a liquid measure. Capacity is the brimful capacity, not necessarily the amount you would want to put in the jar. 

In addition, the neck finish is described in millimetres. This does not indicate the opening dimension but the size of cap needed to fit that jar. 

If you have any questions about how your product may or may not fit in the jar, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help as much as we can.

Are there any extra charges?

The price you see on the page includes VAT. Most items are sold with lids included in the price. If lids are not included this will be clearly stated. The only extra charge is delivery. Please see below for charges. There is more information on our Shipping page.

How many do I have to buy?
The minimum order quantity is one pack. Each item shows clearly the number of items in one pack. The bulk pallet figure is for customers who require larger amounts. Discounts are available to customers taking in bulk and they would need to phone the sales office to obtain prices for a bulk pallet. Bulk pallet items do not come in cartons or trays but are more suited for commercial packers with warehouse facilities. 

The website says the order has already been processed.
If the website says your order has been processed but you have not entered your card details, then the order will not be sent. Your order needs to be placed again. We will send you an acknowledgement of your payment, if you do not receive this then your card details have not been taken. 

The website says your card cannot be processed
This may be because there was an error in inputting or the card has been refused. If you receive this message you must restart your order afresh.

What are your delivery charges?
Our minimum charge is £7.50 for the first two items. Three or more items are charged at £10. No extra delivery charges are incurred on orders over £50.  Surcharges apply to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands. You can find out more information on delivery charges on our shipping page . Unfortunately we cannot send small orders overseas due to the high cost and risk of breakage. However, we can send larger orders on pallets overseas.

What are your opening hours?
Monday to Thursday: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Friday: 9.30am to Midday

We are closed weekends and bank holidays.

Can I send them to a different address?
Goods can be shipped to a different address to the billing address for your card. 

Do the jars come with lids?
Unless otherwise stated, all the jars, bottles, pots and tubs in our shopping cart are supplied with lids included in the price. Those that do not are clearly stated. All prices are also inclusive of VAT.

Are the jars sterile?
The jars are not sterile but are as clean as they possibly can be. The temperatures that jars are made at make it impossible for bacteria to survive the manufacturing process. Unless they are stored in damp conditions they will stay clean inside their pallet. Our jars are stored in a dry warehouse and packed straight into trays. When the lids are fitted onto the jars this ensure that any breakages, cardboard dust or other contamination cannot affect the other jars in the pack. Not all products have the lids fitted but lids are always sent with the item.

Are they made from recycled products?
Current industry standards are that 35% of each new jar made comes from recycled glass. This is what gives some glass a green tinge as some of the "cullet" used will be from green glass. You can do your bit for the environment by recycling your jars in the recycling bins provided by your local council or purchasing new lids from us and reusing the jars. Each jar has the neck finish specified in the details on the page and this is the size of lid you need to buy. We sell lids separately in bags of 100 or 144 for every type of jar. If you don't see the size you require, please ask.

Are they plain or do they come with labels?
The pictures on our website are for illustration only. The jars supplied have no labels and are clear glass unless otherwise stated. We have a link to a label supplier on our News & Links page.

Do you sell waxed circles or jam pot covers?
No, unfortunately our range is restricted to jars and lids only. Most lids are metal. Plastic lids are only where the neck finish is specified as a screw lid.

Are they glass or plastic?
Most of our food items are glass. Each item will specify if it is glass or plastic. Cosmetic and pharma products may be in plastic and the description will tell you which.

I haven't received an invoice.
You can download a copy direct from your account on this website.

Do I have to order and pay online?
No, we are happy to take your order over the phone. Unfortunately we do not offer a cash on delivery service.

Who delivers my goods?
All our items are sent on couriers. Approximately 95% of our customers live in a 24 hour delivery zone, with the remainder (apart from Highlands, Islands and N Ireland which are 3-5 day service) being a 48 hour service. We aim to despatch all orders within three working days of receipt of your order. Our couriers do not offer a timed delivery service. If you require a morning or Saturday delivery we will deliver at a surcharge of £25. This service is not on our website, you would need to telephone your order in.

Can I collect?
Yes, this option is available in the shopping cart. We need at least one working day's notice of your order dependant upon the lead times stated on our home page and an indication from you of the day you wish to collect. You can pay by credit/debit card online. Alternatively you can pay by cash when you arrive at the warehouse. Our warehouse is open Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 4.30pm and Fridays 9.30am to Midday.

What happens if I change my mind or the goods are not suitable?
You can return the goods at your own cost. So long as the jars are returned to our warehouse undamaged, unopened and unused within 7 days we will refund you for the jars. Unfortunately, as we are a small company and to keep your costs down, we cannot offer free returns or refund the initial delivery cost, whether this was paid as a separate amount or included in the free delivery offer. Any cost of delivery will be withheld from the refunded amount. Please ensure all packaging components are tested with the intended product. Freeman & Harding accepts no responsibility for any loss resulting from incompatibility.

What happens if the jars are broken?
We wrap the jars securely in cardboard. Glass is a fragile product and we do our utmost to ensure they get to you in good condition. However, they are delivered by a third party and we cannot guarantee their condition on arrival and do not accept liability for damage in transit.

The Food Standards Agency and Re-Use of Jars

Can I reuse my jars?

The Food Standards Agency’s recent declaration about not reusing packaging has caused quite a commotion.

“The legislation with regard to food contact materials will preclude the reuse of glass honey jars for any commercial food use, even following stringent cleaning. A commercial honey producer is legally obliged to ensure their jars are fully compliant with legislation, and have an overriding requirement under the Food Safety Act to ensure the food they provide is safe.

Any packaging used must be compliant with the European regulations (principally Article 3 of Regulation 1935/2004), which sets out the safety criteria for food packaging. Though it can be assumed that originally the jars met these criteria, as they were fit to sell at the retail level, once sold and their constituent food has been consumed, the required chain of documentation which shows they are compliant is broken. Thus it would be impossible to demonstrate to the relevant authorities that the reused jars were compliant, unless the jars were knowingly manufactured to be reused, and within a closed loop distribution system like milk bottles. However, only the courts can decide whether in particular circumstances an offence has been committed.”

However, more recently on the BBC 4 programme "You and Yours" a FSA’s spokesman said that whilst in principal this is true, it does require a degree of common sense. Few materials are safer than glass. Glass is inert, it does not leach chemicals as plastic containers may. The jar filler needs to be sure the jar is not chipped or damaged and is clean.

As all beekeepers know, honey does not allow bacteria to grow. Lids should not be reused for reasons of not only cleanliness but also the seal may deteriorate over time.

Above all, common sense should prevail!

We are not providing guidance or advice, the decision is wholly yours to reuse or to recycle in your nearest bottle bank.