Pickling Jars

Are you looking for versatile glass jars for pickling? Let Freeman & Harding help! We offer our customers a range of high-quality pickle jar options that are perfect for pickles, eggs, onions, and more! Get in touch for more information about our stock!

Quality Pickle Jars

Pickle jars are glass or plastic containers used for storing pickles. Pickles are cucumbers or other vegetables preserved in a brine solution made of water, salt, and sometimes vinegar. The jars are sealed tightly to keep air and bacteria out, ensuring that the pickles remain preserved and fresh for an extended period.

The concept of pickling has been around for thousands of years and is a method used to preserve food and extend its shelf life. The airtight jars help ferment the cucumbers into pickles by allowing the good bacteria to grow while keeping out the harmful bacteria.

Great for Preserving Food

Pickle jars are an excellent option for pickling cucumber, pickled onions, or various other food items that are suitable for the pickling process. Whether you want to store food for the long term or use it in ingredients for chutneys or other preserves, at Freeman & Harding, we offer different styles of pickle jars that come in various sizes to suit your requirements.

Our Pickling Jars Are Highly Versatile

These glass jars with twist lids work as excellent preserving jars, chutney jars, jam jars, or a place to store honey to sell or keep for yourself. They are made using 100% natural and organic ingredients and are a great solution for storage as they do not leak, are non-porous, so they won't absorb smells, and our jars are completely recyclable!

Why Choose Freeman & Harding?

If you're looking for exquisite glass jars for pickling, jams, honey, or more, make Freeman & Harding your first choice! We have a range of glass pickling jars available for our customers, and each is wholly created in the UK. At Freeman & Harding, we strive to provide excellent service with reliable and safe delivery of your pickling jars. Some of the reasons our customers choose our stock time and time again include:

Efficient and reliable service
Strong and durable jars
Excellent customer communication

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact our reliable team today! At Freeman & Harding, we're on hand to ensure you get precisely the jar you're looking for!

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Pickling Jars

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