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BBKA Spring Convention, Beetradex & The National Honey Show

Beetradex 2017


We will not only give you a 10% discount across our entire range of jars* but you will also have access to our very special prices exclusively for customers collecting at the National Honey Show, Beetradex or BBKA Spring Convention. Our most popular jars will be offered at Special Show Prices. Of course, any of the other items on our website may be purchased for collection at the show. Special Show prices will only be displayed for 4-6 weeks before the show date so don't worry if you can't see them at other times of the year. The Honey Show category can be found here.

Spring Convention

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We sell honey jars direct from our stand at the British Beekeepers Association Spring Convention, Beetradex and also the National Honey Show. We have special honey jar offers for the show and advance ordering for collection at the show is recommended to guarantee your stock will be available.

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Honey Jars for Beekeepers

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 Exclusive to Freeman & Harding Ltd, the half pound screw neck traditional honey jar. 


This pack was developed by Freeman & Harding after observing the difficulties encountered by Beekeeper Associations distributing jars with caps to their members. We realised that the average hobbyist Beekeeper would probably need to store their jars for months, often in their garage or garden shed.  The simple solution was to loosely assemble the jar and lid in the same carton. This has the following advantages: -

It helps to preserve the cleanliness of the jars as received by Freeman & Harding from the glass manufacturer. However, it must be stressed that it is NOT a guarantee of sterility.

It assists the distribution of the matching number of the jars and caps removing the necessity to count out the requisite number of caps with each carton of jars.

There are surprisingly few instances of glass breakages but should this occur the fact that the other jars in the carton have lids fitted prevents glass spicules contaminating the inside of the remaining jars in the carton.

It also prevents the ingress of insects or other parasites during storage before filling.

The batch traceability of the glass jar is preserved. Each carton label has a unique code from which it is possible to identify the glass manufacturer’s glass batch and the identity of the packer.

In addition, our cardboard cartons can be re-used for storage and distribution of filled jars.

The pack is available with either gold lacquered tinplate caps or white plastic wadless polypropylene caps.

It is twenty five years since Freeman & Harding introduced this pack and its continued and growing popularity is testimony to its success. Insist on the best for your honey and buy the “SPECIAL BEEKEEPER PACK”. 

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The Food Standards Agency and Re-Use of Jars

The Food Standards Agency’s recent declaration about not reusing packaging has caused quite a commotion.

“The legislation with regard to food contact materials will preclude the reuse of glass honey jars for any commercial food use, even following stringent cleaning. A commercial honey producer is legally obliged to ensure their jars are fully compliant with legislation, and have an overriding requirement under the Food Safety Act to ensure the food they provide is safe.

Any packaging used must be compliant with the European regulations (principally Article 3 of Regulation 1935/2004), which sets out the safety criteria for food packaging. Though it can be assumed that originally the jars met these criteria, as they were fit to sell at the retail level, once sold and their constituent food has been consumed, the required chain of documentation which shows they are compliant is broken. Thus it would be impossible to demonstrate to the relevant authorities that the reused jars were compliant, unless the jars were knowingly manufactured to be reused, and within a closed loop distribution system like milk bottles. However, only the courts can decide whether in particular circumstances an offence has been committed.”

However, more recently on the BBC 4 programme "You and Yours" a FSA’s spokesman said that whilst in principal this is true, it does require a degree of common sense. Few materials are safer than glass. Glass is inert, it does not leach chemicals as plastic containers may. The jar filler needs to be sure the jar is not chipped or damaged and is clean.

As all beekeepers know, honey does not allow bacteria to grow. Lids should not be reused for reasons of not only cleanliness but also the seal may deteriorate over time.

Above all, common sense should prevail!

We are not providing guidance or advice, the decision is wholly yours to reuse or to recycle in your nearest bottle bank.