Screen printing is a valuable resource for luxury packaging. It can also be cost effective for customers who have a proportion of jars returned to them for refilling. 

 Jars can be printed in any colour and can be matched to a pantone reference.  Low set up costs and small print runs make this an attractive proposition and gives your product an exclusive look.

  • The printers charge a one off fee of £175 per screen per colour.

  • More than one colour may be printed dependant on the jar.

  • The ink may be printed in any colour - if it is a non standard colour for the printer there is an additional one off charge of £250.

  • They will match to a pantone reference if you have one. 

  • It is recommended to have a sample run before committing to a full run which costs £175. 

  • Thereafter, the printing costs £250 per 1000 jars, with a minimum run charge of £500. 

  • Effectively, you need to have 2000+ jars printed each time to gain best price.