Mini Jars

Are you looking for a high-quality selection of mini and small glass jars? Whether you're looking for a storage solution in your home to keep your spices neat, want to fill them for wedding favours, or adapt them into a sample jam jar for a hobby or business, Freeman & Harding are packaging specialists with everything you need!

We have a huge range of glass jars to choose from to suit all your requirements with different delivery options available. Get in touch now for more information!

What Can Mini Glass Jars Be Used For?

There are many different uses for glass jars that are smaller in size than what's typically available. From the practical solutions like food storage to 'fun' uses like candle holding or craft and DIY projects, mini glass jars are highly versatile. Some popular ways to use them include:

Condiment Containers

Whether it's to store in the fridge and reduce the number of plastic bottles cluttering a space, or to have a convenient storage solution for a picnic, glass jars make excellent containers for ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and salad dressing.


From medicine to produce, mini jars are great for keeping your home, pantry, and cupboards properly organised, which also extends to homemade solutions like beauty products or different sauces that may need to be properly stored.

Gifting and Packaging

Many of our customers have told us how our mini jars are an ideal solution for creating quality, personalised gifts for friends and family. The jar also acts as a good packaging to protect the contents and keep everything safe.


Going on holiday can be stressful if you haven't prepared beforehand. Many airports have limitations on liquids passing through security, which is why glass jars are an excellent solution, providing a properly measured storage container so you can take your products without worrying about being over the limit.

Why Choose Freeman & Harding for Mini Jars?

At Freeman & Harding, we have made a name for ourselves providing high-quality small glass jars to our customers across the UK. Elevate your shopping experience by choosing Freeman & Harding for super strong, long-lasting, and versatile glass jars. Some of the reasons our customers come to us time and time again includes:

  • Professional Service

  • Helpful Team

  • Regular Discounts and Offers

  • Samples Available

  • Fair and Affordable Price

To buy your mini glass jars from Freeman & Harding, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today!

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Mini Jars

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