Spring vegetables

Spring vegetables

In March, you may find a variety of fresh vegetables suitable for pickling, depending on your location and local seasonal availability.


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Here are some common vegetables that are typically available in March and are great for pickling:

1.      Cucumbers: While cucumbers are more abundant in the warmer months, some varieties may be available in March depending on your region. Cucumber pickles, such as dill pickles or bread and butter pickles, are classic options.

2.      Carrots: Carrots are often available year-round and can be pickled to create crunchy and flavourful snacks or additions to salads and sandwiches. Try pickling carrot sticks or slicing them into rounds.

3.      Radishes: Radishes are early spring vegetables that can add a crisp and peppery flavour to pickles. Quick-pickled radishes make a colourful and tangy addition to salads and tacos.

4.      Beets: Beets are another vegetable that can be pickled for a unique and vibrant addition to your pantry. Pickled beets can be sliced or left whole and are delicious in salads or served as a side dish.

5.      Cabbage: While cabbage is available year-round, March marks the beginning of spring cabbage varieties. You can use cabbage to make sauerkraut, a fermented pickle that's packed with flavour and beneficial probiotics.

6.      Asparagus: Asparagus is a spring vegetable that can be pickled to preserve its delicate flavour. Pickled asparagus spears make an elegant addition to charcuterie boards or cocktails.

7.      Onions: Onions are versatile vegetables that can be pickled to add a tangy kick to dishes. Red onions are particularly popular for pickling due to their vibrant colour and mild flavour.


These are just a few examples of vegetables that can be pickled in March. Be sure to choose fresh, firm vegetables and follow a trusted pickling recipe to ensure successful preservation. Experimenting with different spices and flavourings can also add variety to your pickled vegetables.

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