Freeman & Harding’s Healthcare Division provides both rigid packaging and flexible packaging to the pharmaceutical, aromatherapy and veterinary pharmaceuticals markets. Either buy on-line or for more information on our healthcare packaging and veterinary pharmaceuticals packaging please call on 01322 351315 or send us an email. Amber glass bottles, clear glass bottles, glass vials, small plastic bottles, plastic tubs, dropper bottles, dispenser bottles and tamper evident seals. 

The benefits of using our glass Jam Jars are clear.

Our glass Jam Jars are sustainable, being 100% recyclable, reusable and refillable. The Jam Jar is ecofriendly, once recycled it can be back on shop shelves within 30 days.

An estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass jars.

Glass Jars are made from 100% natural organic ingredients sand, soda ash and limestone, creating a structure like liquid at high temperatures. Once the glass cools to an ambient temperature it behaves like a solid.

Glass Jars are inert with no synthetic chemicals, making them safe to store food and drinks in. Glass Jars can be stored in the freezer.

Glass is non-porous, does not absorb smells or flavours, nor does it leach any toxic chemicals into the contents of the jar or the environment.

Glass is a beautiful, iconic material and our customers love it.


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