Food Containers

Freeman and Harding are a trusted growing local business supplying quality British glass jars, jam jars, honey jars, candle jars, sauce bottles and healthcare packaging at wholesale prices to hobbyists and businesses. Fast shipping, excellent service. A family business operating since 1992.

The benefits of using our glass Jam Jars are clear.

Our glass Jam Jars are sustainable, being 100% recyclable, reusable and refillable. The Jam Jar is ecofriendly, once recycled it can be back on shop shelves within 30 days.

An estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass jars.

Glass Jars are made from 100% natural organic ingredients sand, soda ash and limestone, creating a structure like liquid at high temperatures. Once the glass cools to an ambient temperature it behaves like a solid.

Glass Jars are inert with no synthetic chemicals, making them safe to store food and drinks in. Glass Jars can be stored in the freezer.

Glass is non-porous, does not absorb smells or flavours, nor does it leach any toxic chemicals into the contents of the jar or the environment.

Glass is a beautiful, iconic material and our customers love it.

Freeman & Harding sell glass jam jars and bottles for most food packaging. We sell glass jars, glass bottles, food grade plastic buckets, plastic ointment jars and PET jars online in volumes to suit small scale production units, beekeepers and home use. We also supply bulk deliveries for larger scale producers.

The glass jam jars in our food range are used for everything from honey to herbs and ready-made sauces to homemade jams and marmalades. The individual jar pages contain full details, specifications and delivery quantities. Some of the glass honey jars in the food packaging range are exclusive to Freeman and Harding and compliment our ranges from Allied Glass, Beatson Clark and Stoelzle Oberglas.

Most of our glass food jars can be ordered from the on-line shop. Jam Jars can be delivered across the whole of the UK or collected from the Freeman & Harding warehouse in Kent. Payment can be made online by debit or credit card. When ordering by phone, we can also accept bank transfers or cash on collection if you are coming to our depot in Erith.

The price you see on this website is for one pack containing the number of glass jars specified. It includes lids where stated and VAT. Delivery is extra and details of shipping charges can be found on the shipping page. For larger volumes or bespoke ranges please contact the Freeman & Harding sales office.

Food Containers

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